The John Hanna Scholarship
 1st Scholarship Awarded in 2006
The recipient of the first John K. Hanna Scholarship was awarded to Michael Kelly. This young man became well acquainted with John while struggling with drug addiction. John worked tirelessly to help Mike overcome his addiction. Mike suffered much after losing John and turned back to drugs. John's mother, Aida, visited Mike at the Rehab Center and encouraged him to finish treatment and follow in John's footsteps. Mike fulfilled his promise. He is currently enrolled in Nyack College utilizing the $1,000 scholarship awarded to him by Paul Singh.

2nd Scholarship Awarded in 2007 
The 2007 Scholarship recipient was awarded to Dan Rumeau.
Dan's testimony:
"I attended Jacksonville Chapel and Stockade with my family as an adolescent.  I grew up in a home with parents who were devoted Christ followers.  I became ashamed of my faith and turned to the drug crowd for acceptance.  I became close with Matt DeLorenzo during my addiction; who led me to go to work with George Gartside.  During that time I was sober, but I still wasn't following the Lord.  Later, after being homeless for a month and a half, often sleeping in the woods, I made the decision to seek help at Good Shepherd Mission.  While in the Morris County Jail the plans were set into motion for me to go to the mission.  It was there I gave my life and my will to the Lord as a last resort, and have not looked back since. Now months later  with a new desire to serve Christ, I have enrolled in Nyack College for the fall of 2007 with visions to get involved in youth ministries."

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