John Kamal Hanna is forever embedded in our hearts and will never be forgotten. John will always be remembered for his unconditional love for others. His pure love manifested itself in the way he embraced God's children with much compassion, kindness and gentleness. 


John Kamal Hanna departed on January 22, 2005 in Good Samaritan Hospital, after being hospitalized for nine days. John was involved in a tragic car accident on January 13, 2005. He suffered extensive injuries, especially to the brain. He laid in a coma for nine days as family and friends congregated around his hospital bed daily.  

This accident integrated a wide diversity of people.  The people that congregated by his bedside were individuals who were deeply touched by John's love. Through his selfless service to others, John spent endless days reaching out to people in need. He worked tirelessly in equipping these individuals with the essential tools to survive in this harsh society. John's most powerful weapon was the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. He faithfully spread the gospel and shared the Lord's love through his ministry.

God equipped John with wisdom and strength to serve in such a mighty way. People were engrossed by John's  charming personality coupled with his sense of humor. He successfully acquired the Lord's characteristics and each was unfolded through his ministry. These unique characteristics contributed to John's idiosyncratic service to others. His legacy will continue to live through the loved ones he served.

John was an ordinary man who became extraordinary through the trials he endured. After our father's sudden death in May, 1988, John felt helpless and became hopeless. Instead of grieving his father's death, he dabbled with drugs and eventually became an addict. He was addicted for ten long years. John thought drugs were the answer to his problems. He couldn't face life and its challenges. If you are familiar with drugs or know a drug addict, it becomes evident that drugs are not the answer and only lead to more heart ache and sufferings. Through Jesus Christ John overcame the addiction, became an Associate Pastor and ministered to drug addicts. He successfully lead addicts to Jesus Christ through the powerful gospel. John was effective because he understood the life cycle of an addict. John became extraordinary through Jesus Christ